Continental Marking of valves
Whirlpool Marking of inner parts of washing machines
Antolin Trnava Hot marking of logo on the front board of cars
NEMAK Impact marking of control marks of motor blocks
ZF Slovakia Marking of car silencers
KNK Laser marking of furniture and decorations
Mubea Marking of parts for car producers Audi, Mercedes and others
Erwin Junker Marking of alluminium tags for hydraulic hoses in CNC CNC machines
Constellium Marking of identification tags by dot peen marker
Nedcon Marking of control mark on a metal part for orientation on place of construction
Kostal Laser marking of symbols on the control buttons for cars
Fiamm Dot peen marking of parts of horns for car trucks
Škoda Auto s.r.o. Dot peen marking of cast parts of the gears
Brabant Marking of dural parts of the gears
ZF TRW Jablonec n.N. Marking of car break parts
TRW Frýdlant Marking of re-newed parts for car stearings
Continental Marking of valves
Laufen Laser marking of logo on water taps

Mann + Hummel

We became reliable partner for M+H on the field of marking of fuel filters. Automator lasers mark different filters. Tailor made solutions including operations of marking, reading and control have been successfully implemented.

Tiberina Marking of metal sheets for cars - columns, front bumper braces
Dura Blatná Marking of metal parts of front board of the cars
Bilfinger Marking of metal parts deeply with following painting
Kunc Marking of tags of steel traverse before operation of galvanizing
Nostalgie Marking of identification plastic tags in funeral company
Baťa Marking of logo on leather by hot marking