Automatic laser marking

For the customer, who is producing automotive components, we delivered complete workplace as a part of manufacturing process.  This is a fully automatic device with the programmable mode, optical control before marking and after and finally an assortment of marked parts.

Automatization was a primary requirement of customer: visual control by camcorder, synchronization with the working cycle of manufacturing, to keep precise marking time and readability after all.

This device works 24/7 continuously.

Same solution for different countries

Easy operation and quick change of the parameters for next marking are the major benefits of this device. From the database, which contains all marking parameters, you can choose and set the right ones you need. The machine operator scans a barcode from a drawing. Correct parameters are retrieved and the whole device will be set automatically (like a focus length, camcorder check and own laser marking). An operator can put any of parts onto working area with no mechanical or other settings at all. Working cycle is set to 4 seconds on 1 piece.

We delivered the almost same device to another factory in Bosnia-Herzegovina through our subsidiary in Slovenia. It`s a good example why to choose Automator CEE company. We bring complete delivery for international companies acting in different countries in The Central or Eastern Europe.

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