Why dot-peen machines?

Dot-peen marking is recommended mostly for specific applications where there are needs for deep marking, PC controlled data loading (e.g. serial communication, optical reader or using a custom database)  and big volume of marked parts.

Dot-peen system can mark directly on the part into any solid material. Any graphic in vector format can be marked. An operator can choose a special mode for the matrix (dot controlled) or continuous appearance.

What do you need to know before you start

Considering the maximal size of graphics, you will pick the right machine. This is an initial decision about marking head due to marking area that is different. Marking pin is driven or by compressed air (pneumatic models) or electric. Electric models can be used especially for portable usage (using a hand grip) or when you don´t have air supply in your office (facility).



We can mark for you sample parts so you can judge easily what marking you like and choose right machine/settings.

For some countries outside EU, obviously, we are not able to ensure making the samples from Czech Republic.

Do you need help?