Modern version of old technology

Manual impact marking with the hand stamp and hammer was a traditional way to mark subjects during centuries. Today, our machines are more powerful and reliable thanks to its simple construction. Against manual marking we can achieve precise uniform engraving in less time. Driving them is much more comfortable because of adjusting main parameters: impact force, and positioning of types-signs.

The maximal accuracy of impact marking

Machines for mechanical marking are differs especially by the size of the impact force and by the machine control and movement method: whether manually with lever or pneumatically.

These machines can be used not only for marking, but also rivetting, punching or only general assembly. Precise impact force within repeating sequence guarantees perfect quality of engraving.

All machines has next properties:

  • Material is not deformed thanks to preload effect
  • Maximal sensibility and accuracy
  • Achieving of repeatability of marking depth even for parts with a little tolerances
  • Precise setting of the size of the impact force continuosly from minimum to maximum for each type of machine
  • Wide spectrum of accesories for example: types, typeholders, cliches and templates, numbering heads  – all in superb quality
  • Big clearance of workspace allows to mark many of complicated parts with different shapes
  • High marking speed

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