Marking laser Automator

Laser marking is a professional way

Laser marking is very flexible and professional way of permanent marking of almost any material. Marking trace is processed directly on a material and is ineffaceable until the marked part is somehow physically damaged on the place of marking.

Decision for laser marking makes your product higher quality and added value. Perfect mark on your product gives public clear message: producer is interested even in „small“ detail like marking of your products.  You distinguish your product from competitors and also follow the law requirements. You represent your brand entirely.

Thanks to longtime experience with over 240 different fields of applications, we deliver our solutions as a unique functional system for marking and coding.

We start with marking trials

How does laser mark your material? It´s very easy. Laser beam is a high power beam which interacts with the surface in the exact distance (focal distance). The surface can be vaporized or engraved by the laser beam – depending on the material. This way, the structure of the material is not affected at all. The laser mark is visible and permanent. It is resistant to chemicals, high/low temperatures, and other physical influences.

In order to recommend suitable laser system, we weill provide you with few marked samples. The samples are key moment in process of best solution proposal. Based on the marked samples, we can suggest the ideal laser marking system for your application.

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