CO2 laser beam source.

CO2 lasers are most suitable for marking of organic materials like for example leather, wood, paper, glass, rubber and most of plastic materials, ceramics or textiles.  This kind of laser generates beam of a higher wavelength. The range of materials and applications is a little bit different from fiber and YVO4 lasers.

Alpha laser is cooled by air, which means energy savings and no obstacles for integration in the production line.

How this laser works

The Alpha model is suitable especially for installation in a production line or a single-purpose machine, so that it becomes part of the production process. The separate switchboard is replaced by a compact plug-in module that contains all the control electronics.

The laser delivered in this way only meets the conditions for classification in safety class 4, therefore it is necessary to equip it with a suitable covering or integrate into the production process in an appropriate manner with regard to safety.

Laser is controlled by our EuGenius® software which provides many options to control the power and achieve the best marking results.

Real experience

Technical parameters

Laser beam source



@ 10,6 µm


250 Hz up to 50 kHz

Output power

10W, 25W, 30W, 50W, 100W

Input power

0,5 kW up to 2 kW

Dimensions of laser head


Weight of laser

cca 11 kg



Energy consumption

< 1.5 kW

IP Certificate of cover


Marking field

70x70mm, 140x140mm, 210x210mm

Laser beam diameter

cca 250 µm (standard lens)